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Thanks to all of the idiots who DDoS a consumer server behind a consumer router with a small NTP/Open resolver flood. Thank you idiots for giving us your IP addresses, long live IPv4 and the FCC.

To all of our members please use our backup server at dirtnapgaming.enjinvoice.com , we look forward to seeing you on our main server when it is back up. I am personally going to start resolving this issue.



Thanks for waiting as our TeamSpeak sever has been resurrected by our system admin.


Dirt Nap Gaming Team

TS Problems

Smackexe tag posted Mar 20, 15

We recently migrated our domain name.  This has caused issues  where our TS was hosted and how it connected to our website.  We have a ticket in with enjin to figure out what is causing the issue.  We hope to have it resolved in the coming days.   We are sorry for the inconvenience.

In the mean time please feel free to join our back up TS server at   dirtnapgaming.enjinvoice.com

There are 20 slots so feel free to use them.

Our new website is up!

gh0st tag posted Mar 16, 15

Our new website is under development and we are glad to finally have a new home to start again with a fresh community. We are focusing on simple solutions and designs now, no more complicated schedules or proceedures and no more complicated sign-up's. We look forward to seeing you participate on not only the forums but also on our TeamSpeak server (ts.dirtnapgaming.com).

Thank you for supporting our community!



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If i still played i would have taken you up on that offer
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